About Me. And my boys. And books. But mostly about ME.


Hello, my name is Bel McNeill

Hello Bel

I own a Bookshop.

Two long-suffering boys and their bookselling mother.

Two long-suffering boys and their bookselling mother.


I am scarily transparent. I make no secret of my life, my kids lives, my opinions and my irritation at my inability to lose what I lovingly call my bookshop waist. I am unable to stop talking and therefore every thing in my life (much to the annoyance of my darling sons) is an open book. I left school at 18, decided to take a year off before going to college, and then never looked back. I’ve worked mainly for computer and electronics companies (including a hugely fun 4 years at a company who’s name rhymes with pamsong) since then. Oh and for 4.5 very happy years ran a 200 year old church building which was an adventure in itself. On the basis that I’m a Godmother to a child who’s mother is a Bishop, I can’t have been all that bad at it…

It’s been 11.5 years since I moved to America. We may go back at some point. Maybe. Maybe not.

In 2015, having tired of the corporate world (do you know how tough it is to be a woman, and a woman without a college education to work in the corporate world) I turned my mind to my passion - books and more specifically to children’s and young adult books. Bel and Bunna’s was born from a love of literature, the ability to write a decent business plan, the desire to be happy on a daily basis in the work environment, and the hope to prove that every child is a reader - they just need to find the right book.