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Today - Sunday 28th October 2018

Today - Sunday 28th October 2018

I spent the majority of today at Orchard Nursery’s Harvest Festival and Maker’s Market. I was placed next to the farm animals, (smelly but fun non the less), and was all set up for story time and book selling. The first story time happened and about 4 kids showed up, we read some fun stuff and tried to ignore that Claire The Sheep was yelling at me the entire time. The second story time was just me and my Sarah J Maas book (as an aside - I’m struggling to get through the first three chapters of this, and that makes me sad…).

I love doing community stuff. LOVE IT. It’s fantastic to get amongst the people Lamorinda and Walnut Creek and talk to them and listen to them and share ideas. We have a huge amount of community stuff coming up over the next two months - we are circling back to the whole #BeKind21 stuff we did with the Born This Way Foundation back in August. I want so hard to make the holidays a season of giving again - supporting your neighbors, your family, your friends, your community, your school, your kids, your parents. Being a member of our smaller and larger communities. Being kind the the world. Being kind to those who can’t even afford the most basic of things. November 13th is World Kindness Day. Be warned - that is only the start…

Today’s Numbers:

Meltdowns: 1, quite a spectacular one at that.

Under 8’s Reading Harry Potter on their own: 1 (I’m pretty sure the kid concerned can’t read Elephant & Piggie but there you go…)

Friends who came to say hi at Orchard: 6

Dogs who won’t quit barking: 3

Kindness things I WILL be discussing with you: North Pole Ninja, Diaper Drive, Pajama Drive.

Today - Saturday 27th October 2018

Today - Saturday 27th October 2018